Case Studies

Development of Research Hub Strategy

Tim Smyth was approached by two of six partners in a major health research hub for help in developing a strategic plan for the hub. Previous consultants had not delivered what was wanted. Building on interviews with key players and Tim’s knowledge of the research hub environment and the NHMRC AHRTC initiative, Tim developed a draft document setting out a vision statement, 5 key goals and 4 attributes. Each goal and attribute was accompanied by a word picture describing what achievement of each goal and attribute would look like.

The draft document was extensively workshopped with the partners and research staff. Tim was able to then draw from the workshop discussions to prepare a Strategic Plan that has been adopted by the research hub partners.

Review of the NSW Institute of Psychiatry

The Institute, a statutory body, had been established in the 1960s following a Royal Commission into mental health. It had a proud tradition of lifting standards of training for psychiatrists and other mental health professionals. However, as a stand alone entity in a very different environment 50 years later, its role, funding and governance was in need of review.

Through discussions with Institute staff, funders and key players in government, tertiary education and professional development, Tim identified the key issues and mapped out options aligning with government policy, future directions in mental health and complementing developments in mental health professional and community education.

Following agreement in principle to the recommended strategic directions, Tim developed an implementation plan involving transfers of functions, maintenance of tertiary education accreditation, changes in governance and legislative change. This plan has been successfully implemented.

Clinical governance workshops

Tim was approached to give a presentation on legal issues in clinical governance for Boards and senior managers, in conjunction with a quality improvement masterclass. Tim’s presentation outlined key legal issues, grounded in his knowledge of the local and international history and emerging trends in health care quality improvement. His workshop format encouraged active participation, discussion and debate from attendees.

Following the success of the initial workshop, Tim has now presented this workshop around Australia in conjunction with the Australian Council on Healthcare Standards Improvement Academy.

Consulting projects include:

  • Workshops on clinical governance and the law
  • Review of the Centre for Aboriginal Health NSW Ministry of Health
  • Review of the NSW Institute of Psychiatry
  • Review of the NSW Poisons Information Centre
  • Review of the Rural Research Capacity Building Program
  • Review of health legislation Norfolk Island
  • Report on Royal Flying Doctor Services
  • Advice on strategy for interventional neuroradiology services NSW Health
  • Review of concerns regarding a clinician
  • Assessment of impact of mandatory training NSW health system
  • Investigation of complaints
  • Facilitation of workshops:
  • Clinical service plan for Local Health District
  • Barriers to dying at home for palliative care clients
  • Board Governance (not for profit entities)
  • Aboriginal advancement strategy
  • Development of strategic plan for Medical Journal of Australia
  • Development of a corporate governance matrix for NSW Local Health District boards
  • Review of charging arrangements for Medicare Ineligible patients
  • Co-consultant IHPA classification systems and costing reviews
  • Academic Health Centre and Research Hub Strategy

Project Consulting

Tim Smyth testimonial quote openOur organisation has had the pleasure of working with Dr Tim Smyth on several projects. Tim’s intellect, responsiveness and breadth of health experience has enabled him to rapidly understand the project brief. His friendly and professional approach and his ability to proactively provide relevant advice have supported the delivery of high quality project outcomes, delivered on time and budget. His reports are well written and contain relevant strategic recommendations that add value to the projects.Tim Smyth testimonial quote close

– Chief Executive, Government Agency

Tim Smyth testimonial quote openDr Smyth’s managerial experience, medical background, legal capability and good will combined to ensure his contribution to a recent strategic planning exercise achieved all we hoped for and more.Tim Smyth testimonial quote close

– Chief Executive, Health Service

Tim Smyth testimonial quote openTim’s approach is refreshingly different to the one-size-fits-all solution encountered with many consultants. His understanding of health matters generally and experience in the public sector allows Tim to quickly identify underlying issues and possible solutions.Tim Smyth testimonial quote close

– Chief Executive, Health Service

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